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First things first. It’s a moment of tough love sweetheart. Stop trying to be a model and just be you. If you ARE a model….go away. You don’t need help wearing rompers and jumpsuits and we’re jealous that you don’t have to try.


First things first. It’s a moment of tough love sweetheart. Stop trying to be a model and just be you. If you ARE a model….go away. You don’t need help wearing rompers and jumpsuits and we’re jealous that you don’t have to try. Be gone with you. For the rest of us normal bodied ladies, let’s talk about different jumpsuit and romper designs. Not all rompers and jumpsuits are created equal. Depending on your body shape, you may favor a fitted elastic waist over a dropped waist, or a skort style over a long pant style. If you pair you’re elements properly though, you can play around with a few different cuts and designs. Read through our examples to see which romper or jumper best suits your needs.

Which Style Suits You?

Picking the right romper and/or jumpsuit for your body type is crucial. If you shy away from mini skirts because you’re worried that they’re too short, this skort/romper mix is a great way to give yourself a “safety net”, so to speak. Embrace all the fun of a romper with the sexy look of a mini dress. The dramatic neckline is sexy and the geometric pattern keeps the look updated and modern. As far as rompers go, this one wins on all fronts. Modern asymmetrical design, sexy neckline, and safety skort design? Of course we love it. This Grid Me Romper is only $27.99.

Womens jumpsuits and rompers at Necessary Clothing

This tribal print jumpsuit is great for lengthening and slimming an hourglass figure. If you want to look tall and slim(and lezbihonest, who doesn’t?) this is an ideal option for you. Tribal print has been very “in” for the last few months and continues to become even more popular. The bold white lines at the front will draw the eye up and down rather than from side to side, which is what’s creates the illusion of a longer torso. If you’re really aiming for a Bohemian look, then pair this jumpsuit with some arm bangles and Birkinstock sandals. This Love Sadie Tribal Jumpsuit is only $76.00.

New rompers and Jumpsuit for spring 2015

Are you a pear shape with a flat tummy and a Jennifer Lopez booty? You lucky thing you, these overalls will show off your best “assets” and the fitted waist will accentuate your tiny middle. Pair these overalls with a cropped tee shirt for a super casual look. These overalls are a great starter piece for someone who isn’t completely sold on the jumpsuit or romper look. We promise, once you try out this fun fashion design you’ll dive headfirst into the jumpsuit fashion fray.

Denim overalls for women at Necessary Clothing

We shall never forget the undeniable shrieks on the women in the office when we first received a shipment of the Dusty Rose Jumpsuit. At only $54.99 everyone wanted one. It wasn’t long before we ordered more of them. So funny when the first shipment doesn’t even make it online….hmm. If you like soft and feminine pieces that still have some character, this needs to be in your wardrobe. Why do we describe it that way? This jumpsuit does come in a soft pink pastel shade, however look at the distressed design elements such as the front pockets, rolled pants legs, and frayed armhole edges. If this jumpsuit didn’t have some gritty texture to it, then it would just be cute and darling. If we wanted that, we would wear a dress. Nuff’ said.

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Everyone has seen this one – the jean jumpsuit. It’s famous and also infamous. Famous because it looks great in ads, and infamous because we all know how hard it is to find one that actually works on real women. The biggest mistake we see with women trying to find a jean jumpsuit is that they look for fitted ones, or stretch fabrics. I realize those sound like good ideas(we were once guilty ourselves), but that’s not optimal for this look. If you’re slim and put on a thick, fitted jean jumpsuit, you will actually look much bigger than you are. You need to opt for a loosely fitted style. It will create a lighter look when it’s not glued to your body which is important when wearing these thicker fabrics. Also, avoid the stretch styles…they just look cheap ladies. What makes this look sexy is the loose masculine quality of the design. If you “girl-it-up” too much, you’ll ruin the effect. This Denim Jumpsuit is $64.99.

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This unique piece is best suited to women who are confident in their bodies and have no problem flaunting it. This jumpsuit is also an ideal piece for the hourglass shape. Hourglasses have a very hard time finding something that fits their top and bottom but also has a small enough waist. If you’re used to trying on dresses only to discover that they gape at the waist, you’re probably an hourglass. Eliminate the hassle with a jumpsuit that literally has no fabric around your waist. This elegant design will sit right on your hips, attached at the middle with only a mesh halter neck to a bra top. The top will stretch enough to accommodate different bust sizes, and the mesh insert will still give you a sense of coverage and modesty in a very sexy design. Dress it up with grommet decorated pumps and pearls. This elegant retro pant style is called the Cut Out Maven Jumpsuit, and it’s only $44.99.

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If you’re slightly top heavy then look for a style that’s more loose in the top and fitted on bottom. This Sofia romper will give you some upper wiggle room while still showing of your lovely gams. Pair it with a poc(pop of color) belt, wooden wedge heels, and a boho chic hat. Now you’re ready for fun in the sun. The Sofia Denim Romper is only $44.99.
New styles jumpsuit and romper at Necessary ClothingJust to make sure that you aren’t putting together a perfect outfit and then destroying it by pairing it with terrible shoes, let us give you just a few more tips. If you opt for a jean or thick fabric style, pair your look with a pair of black wedge sandals or matte chunky sandals. For the looser and softer designs, you can play between some semi-dressy heels such as the tan pumps below. You can also create a higher fashion look with a fun pair of slip-on wedges which are very popular for Spring 2015 by pairing them with casual pieces such as overalls.


We hope we’ve inspired you to try out rompers and jumpsuits this Spring 2015. Here in the Necessary office we’re all big fans. We hope you will be too.


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